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Are we moving the deck chair to where the sun shines?

  • Like most of you, I was attending the TMF forum last week. Personally I found it very interesting, high quality, impressive participation and thought provoking.

    Customer Experience was one of the streams this year, and I went to most of the sessions and presentations.

    While the presentations, content wise, were interesting and high quality, when viewed in isolation I am battling to see how The discipline of Customer Experience bring something new to the industry. It is as if old network quality issues have been re-branded or rather, got a new wrap called “Customer Experience”. My question is if that adds value or is it only engineers engineering a marketing hype, attempting moving old grey and shadowed issues in under the sun?
    In the late eighties our industry went from subscriber and waiting list to Customer Care. This was about taking care of customers and their queries in volumes. The success of customer care was an internal measure.
    Later when markets got saturated, we started to compete for their attention. That was CRM. Like Care, the measure of success was internal.
    I am thinking that Customer Experience can only be measured by the Customer. Measuring the quality of the network, which is an internal measurement, will not necessarily improve Customers Experience. I am not saying network quality isn’t part of an experience, however if internal measures becomes the driver for Customer Experience, we are on the wrong path.  
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