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If I had £5 for every failed CRM implementation

  • If I had £5 for every failed CRM implementation, implemented on top of several enterprise billing systems, within time and budget, I would be a wealthy man. The challenge is the "battle" between where is the master customer data. The challenge of increased customer experience still reamians.

    When we purchase small or large computer systems, we expect a minimum of administration tools to come with it. Such as user set-up and user restrictions, CPU consumption etc. Viewing communication products and services as an IT environment, there are no user administrative tools comming with the solution.

    The questions are:

    How can we create the same view for customer and service provider providing:

    - Single view and adminstration of customer and customer set-up and adminstration

    - Single view of customer products - a simple view of their communications inventory

    - Single point of contact - where one obvious is through the WEB

    - Single environment for all reporting, including interim reporting

    By enabling the above across all systems, (not only one i.e. billing system), customers can effectivly apply communications policicies, govern them and effectivly audit, track and reconsilitate plus have an effective way of direct cost to appropriate cost centres. 

    I look forward to some comments!

    Cato Rasmussen
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