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Customer Centricity


    Lately I have been to conferences and also read about Customer Centricity and the industry’s need for improved customer experience. What makes me wonder though is the focus which seems to limit itself to the need for new products and services and the one way process, of provide.
    Historically, new products and services require new systems and new registration of demographical information, a very product centric approach, and not at all customer centric.
     As a result Customer touch points are product related hence many within the same function, such as customer front office.  i.e. customer front office cannot handle Customer requests from a single view, whether requests being  product, bill or fault related. Customer experience is that of a continuous transfer between customer service reps.  
    This ripples to finance with product dependent A/Rs and dunning routines.
    I could go on, but will not. My question is though, are Telecommunications operators from a Customer centric point of view ready for 2 sided business models, Unified communication or taking on the Google without moving out of product centricity? And what will it take?
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