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Can someone help me understand SaaS and cloud computing readiness for Telco BSS?

  • Can someone help me understand SaaS’ readiness for telco BSS?

    I hear a lot about SaaS and Cloud computing, also in relation to telco BSS, mostly from vendors and relatively new vendors with strong WEB orientation and less operational management orientation such as handling single view of customer and products, bill cycle management, security etc. in a complex set-up.

    Telcos of a certain size, with implemented middle ware – message buss – having between 15 to 40 back end systems and many front end systems hanging off the message bus (that sounds like client server computing) experience significant pressure on that message buss.

    An example of what I mean; here the other day I was cancelling my PSTN line, Broad band and Voip due to moving house. The service rep at the other end took my cancellation and told me she had to put me on hold for 2 min. After 15 min. I hung up. 30 min. later I called up again, incidentally I got to the same lady. I asked, what happened? She told me the systems did not respond to hear requests. I went on to ask her if it was as if the request died or got lost. She said yes, it is horrible it happens all the time when we have to deal with several services (complex order). It works fine if it is only PSTN.

    Any chance that the number of requests/events from client to servers conquests the middle ware, and prioritisation is messed up?

     This is just one example, but I struggle to understand the readiness of SaaS and Cloud computing to handle these environments. That it will get there is probably likely, but what about now?

    I also heard of an international Voip provider that has implemented a so called “state of the art” billing solution. Synchronizing bill cycles between countries is a major challenge, resulting in tremendous backlogs. If each cycle is worth $ 1mill. and the backlog is 10 cycles? We are talking serious money.

    Would this potentially be better, worse or indifferent in a SaaS or Cloud computing environment?

    I am eager to be educated. So, someone please help me understand. I am obviously missing something.


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  • Kajal Das
    Kajal Das Hello Cato,

    I happened to see a link from google and came to know that Amdocs has expressed it’s willingness to support cloud based offerings for telcom provider, who are looking to provide a cloud based services to their business and retail cust...  more
    8 October 2009
  • Cato Rasmussen
    Cato Rasmussen Thanks Kajal,
    I saw this too. However, it is not clear to me if Amdocs are offering their convergent billing as a cloud service or merly enable to bill for products, services and platforms that are cloud hosted.

    It sounds like the former.
    8 October 2009