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Finding the pulse of a Reseller

  • I have been working with Resellers since my days at Cable & Wireless back in 1992 and whilst the marketplace is forever changing, with new technological trends, names moving around the industry like pieces on a chessboard, and the buying criteria of the customer fluctuating between must have services and the necessity to reduce costs, it is sometimes challenging to understand what makes a Reseller tick!

    For a Service Provider hoping to attract Resellers it can sometimes be difficult to play the revenue card when at times like this stability, constancy and dependability may be the need.

    I represent an IP company in the UK offering mobile VoIP, each time I meet with a Reseller the need is totally different from the Reseller I have previously met. If I was an analytical man (which I am not) it would be interesting to define the drivers, hot buttons, call them what you like, that are pertinent to Resellers today when it comes to building a portfolio of services that are now, add value and that they would proactively promote to their customers.

    Any thoughts on this would be of great interest - any analytical data would be profound.

    I may have been engaged with the UK Telecommunications marketplace for many years but I openly state I do not know everything, and I am always willing to learn from my peers.

    Stuart A. Burns
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