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African Mobile Operators can achieve up to 60% resource efficiences by new optimisation techniques


    Hiya All. First time I have written a blog in Telcoprofessionals website. I half expected an avatar of Neil to pop out explaining the finer points of Blog writing. Ah well, I will have to continue on my own.
    We are (that’s Celcite) taking on Africa – we are exhibiting and speaking in North Africa Com in Cairo and , later in the year, in Capetown at Africa Com.
    Why? (again, no Neil avatar website !).
    Firstly, North Africa Com and Africa Com are excellent venues to meet up with the premier mobile network operators in Africa and to understand what their challenges are for the coming 12 months. How do they intend to keep talented engineers, keep a tight rein on OPEX and CAPEX, keep those customers happy and handle more and more complex networks?
    One answer, of-course, is to look to new service providers and solutions on the market – away from the traditional solutions and in-house expertise and look to more automated ones.
    Celcite's automatic optimisation solution called “COPS” has been a great success in the States and has proved itself to be a real hit with mobile operators providing huge resource savings. Dollars matter and anything that can give a mobile operator a competitive edge, whilst saving money, has got to be a winner.
    But that’s the trick isn’t it? How do you increase resource efficiency whilst, at the same time continue to expand the network in terms of services, QoS and technologies. In terms of optimisation, mobile operators need to keep an open mind on new solutions geared to automation rather than traditional techniques.
     So, hopefully if you are reading this and coming to the exhibitions, pop in and say hello. We are at STAND 34 at North Africa Com in Cairo, 27th/28th October 2009 and STAND 6 at Africa Com in Capetown 11th/12th November 2009. Mobile :+44 7921 459 727


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