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About Innovation: Why we hung movie posters on our office walls

  • 6YEHW87WDD5Y A key part of my day job is looking at how Amdocs, as a company, continuously improves its innovation capabilities and becomes an innovation powerhouse. I have so many things to tell you about what we do at Amdocs to nurture a culture of innovation and to become an effective innovator. So in order to help me choose which topics to discuss, I’ll rely on your feedback to help guide me.

    So why did we hang a bunch of movie posters across the company?

    We wanted to make sure everybody in the company, and beyond, understands that “innovation works” at Amdocs. Not only that we are seeing the results of our innovation activities, but also that it is really worth it for all the various stakeholders, and in particular, one community was most of interest to me – the innovators themselves.

    To see what we came up with and why we came to these conclusions, click on Tal’s blog for examples of our innovators work.

    Additionally what are the most creative and effective ways you’ve found to inspire innovation?

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