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The Impact of Social Communications on Communication Service Providers

  • I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the tsunami of social media, and in particular, that of social communications, and its impact on communication service providers – in particular, on fixed line and mobile operators. Social communications are the communications facilitated by social media, especially in the form of Facebook and Twitter, but also LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs and talkbacks.

    While social media impacts all businesses, the sector which is most affected by social media is the communication service providers, whose core business is providing means of communications and connectivity. Social communications are obviously competing with and are possibly disruptive to the business of communication service providers. With this in mind, I pose the following questions:

    1. What should communication service providers do in order to mitigate the impact or even benefit from the evolution of social communications?

    2. What can they do to benefit from the evolution of social communications?

    Please add your thoughts and let’s discuss! Also, if you are aware of a “best practice” about how to mitigate, benefit from, or leverage social communications by service providers, write about it on Tal’s blog.


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