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How Apple Can Still Beat Android

  •  Last week – what most predicted – has finally happened: Android passed Apple iPhone in global units sold. This was no surprise. Google’s Android has a much more effective distribution mechanism than Apple’s iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is made by one manufacturer, Apple, and in the US, is only distributed by one service provider – AT&T. On the other hand, Google’s mobile operating system, Android, runs on many hardware manufacturers’ devices (HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others) and is distributed by many service providers in almost every region. It was just a matter of time until this strategy paid off for Google.

     This raises the question: Will Android do to the iPhone what Windows has done to the Macintosh?

     All early indications are that it will. So what might Apple do in order to prevent history from repeating itself?

     In his recent blog post, Tal Givoly, Amdocs’ Chief Scientist, suggests one radical yet simple idea how Apple might still come out on top.

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