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Why Over The Top Video Might Not Be So Disruptive After All

  • It’s common wisdom that “Over the top” Video is going to be a significant disruption to traditional service provider business and thus will have a significant negative long-term impact on that marketplace. Since service providers have the most to lose, they will be the least motivated to support OTT, and will therefore be the last to embrace it, if ever. Meanwhile, OTT will grow rapidly, possibly causing service providers to lose their position in video distribution over time.

    In his recent blog post, Tal Givoly, Amdocs’ Chief Scientist, analyses the implications of OTT video, and surprisingly comes to the opposite conclusion.

    It would be great to hear the Telco Professionals community opinions!



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  • Cato Rasmussen
    Cato Rasmussen Dear Tal,
    I find the message in your blog interesting, but not sure if I understand why you have come to the conclusion that SP will be the last to embrase "it"?

    As the margins on traditional traffic/unit is radically being reduced, why wouldn't...  more
    19 August 2010
  • Tal Givoly
    Tal Givoly Cato,

    I'd like to apologize for the late reply. I didn't notice there were comments here as well as on the blog post itself (this is really just the abstract). Therefore, I'm publishing this response both here and in my blog post comments - if you...  more
    7 September 2010