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Customize Your Ride to the Finish Line

  • Being an amateur cyclist, I know that customizing communication services and bicycles has much in common. I love taking my bike out, feeling the wind in my hair and enjoying the scenery. But I also enjoy preparing myself and my bikes, particularly customizing a bike to my specifications. Riding a custom-made bike can reduce and prevent injuries, and improve performance, and it’s often not much more expensive than buying an off-the-rack bicycle. Plus it’s fun.

    What’s true for cyclists is also true for the traditionally out-of-the-box communication service market. Medium and large businesses consume increasing numbers of communication services, with a high level of network complexity. A great deal of customization is needed to correctly mix-and-match these services and design them to fit the specific needs of businesses. 


    Amdocs’ new white paper, “Meeting the Communications Needs of SMBs and Large Businesses,” addresses this question. One way of managing customization is to simply do it manually. The downside of manual service delivery is that manual activities take longer to fulfill and are prone to errors.  And when service providers wish to grow their business services, the headcount must also grow, which doesn’t improve the profit margin or bottom line.

    Effectively serving small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses requires innovative, mass customization and service factory strategies. It is vital that service providers provide fast, versatile and error-free delivery of services, reduce order completion times and decrease the risk of service failures and service level agreement (SLA) violations.

    This has been successfully accomplished in several different industries (including the automotive industry) and it’s now time for service providers to raise the bar for fulfillment systems. Service providers looking to stay ahead will create a communications services factory that will provide businesses with a quality, customized communication solution, for the low cost of mass production processes.

    Cycling offers many health benefits, especially to riders who have properly customized and outfitted their bikes. Likewise, offering customized communications services to business customers will help service providers maintain a healthy bottom line.

    altGuy Maidan is an OSS solutions marketing manager at Amdocs who enjoys a good ride – follow him on Twitter

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