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The War Of The Tablets

  • The success of Apple Inc. in the Smartphone and especially the tablet market has endeared many reaction and counter-reaction in the telecoms and consumer industry.  While triggering direct responses from other competitors, it has also thrown the market open to all and sundry. Just some few years ago, the ipad, iphone and their series dominated the market with their functionalities and aesthetic design and the result was millions of sales to show for it. But now, this market segment is tensed up and booming due to the lucrativeness.  There are now a couple of companies competing in this market segment; from Apple, Samsung, HTC, HP, Huawei, Google, and finally the last entrant Amazon (not counting the myriads of others). So which company will be the latest surprise entry in this fiercely contested market?

    What endears tablets to would-be buyers is mainly in the innovation. The attractiveness stems from their near-PC performance and effect.  They now rival laptops; some tablets feature dual core processor with enough internal memory (RAM) to accelerate apps. Extra storage have also increased not to mention the near perfect graphics effect.
    The tablet can nearly do all what a laptop can do plus its more mobile than the laptop. Some have even predicted the death of the desktop and PC in favour of the tablet, but that will still be watched for years to come. 


    In the face of surprise launches from different manufacturers, It is evident that some tablet manufacturer will fold up due to intense competition and low patronage. For example, HP sold their bulk at a low off-sale price, netting a loss; more of this is expected to come. The judge is definitely the consumers; their appetite, their response and their brand loyalty.
    But beyond the tussle of getting sales and consumers, the industry will witness a time of shaping that will benefit the consumers the more.

    Many factors will determine the winning formula for any tablet manufacturer. Some of them are OS make/version, processor capacity, RAM size, external storage size, operator ties , pricing, apps community, branding and more also marketing campaign. All these will ensure that the best tablets stays on the market.

    To a lay man, almost all the tablet looks the same, then price and marketing may well be the motivation to buy.  Only techies compare performance and other factors before buying one. Whichever comes first will depend on how events unfold in the nearest years.

    Huawei relaunched its tablet after the era of Huawei IDEOS that struggled for recognition.  The UK launch was more of a celebrity show than a technology show event.  They were hinging their competitiveness by focusing on the younger generation.

    Of course, Huawei will also use the price slash in order to gain some market share. Right now Apple and Samsung seem to be controlling the lion share of the market with others sharing the piece meal. Nokia was sitting conveniently on the smartphone market until Apple usurped. Is the same expected in the tablets segment?  Time will tell.

    Another critical factor that may determine which tablet wins at last is the ability of the manufacturer to cope with the fast technological change. Consider that all these revolution has happened in just three to four years.

    The lesson now is whether in the smartphone or tablet market, you’ve got to innovate or else you freeze to extinction.

    Oladimeji Ogunseye
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