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The next generation management would be based on GIVING and RECEIVING instead of TAKING and KEEPING

  • The next generation management would be based on GIVING and RECEIVING in every interaction with customer and their own employee (giving that what I am really good in at, getting energy instead using energy by doing it in this way + the desire/intention to support the world/others to become better.) instead of TAKING and KEEPING (how can I get and keep more while I am giving as less as possible toward customer and employee).

    This means organisations will have focus only on CREATEing real VALUE 'they will enjoy creating what they are really good in at?, and GIVING that to those that would LOVE to receive it. The result of this would be the TRSUT, JOY and REVENUE. (Customer Advocacy mechanism)

    Orginsations could learn a lot from our own body, nature or everything that is alive:
    -every part/component is unique has unique talent/function/character,
    -every part/component interact based on TRUST/LOVE create what is good in at and gives that what other part/component needs to creates. It is in harmony with ALL: give exactly what others need, at the right time, at the right portion, right periodic THEN you receive exactly what you need, at the right time, at the right portion, right periodic to grow and create further

    This would solve the current and future problems in all different dimension and field within an organisation at the same time: how can an organisation grow, increase revenue, decrease cost, win the competition, be innovative, have productive employee, keep the knowledge in organisation, not losing employee , keep employee motivated, having driven, customer oriented, business minded and leadership organisation that each employee at all levels and field is 100% feels responsible and adds value in the success, get more customers, keep customers, increase revenue per customers, have high customer advocacy, be the first choice among the prospects, etc. Etc. Etc.

    The mechanism within the orgainsations are based on fear, not having enough and they try to solve it by having focus on TAKING, KEEPING and using tricks to get/keep at all level: customer, employee and investors. Because they need them for their own benefit and not because they really care about the customer/employee/investors. It's a kind of manipulation that they send out to the world and what they receive is the same: disasters and the challenges gets bigger and more difficult every day.
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  • James Huntingford
    James Huntingford Very true I like your train of thought, Happy Christmas
    15 December 2008