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Telcos and security - survey

  • If a telco had the opportunity to offer a service to all corporate customers that would centre them as the main service provider for collaborative services where content were absolutely secure and were only possible to exploit in the user end by shoulder-surfing - would that be of interest.

    Case A: A pharmaceutical wants a service where all their R&D departments have a single repository where they can acces sand store their patent and other electronic IP - totally shielded from anyone besides the users and their rights, in the way that User 1, cannot even see User 2's document - unless User 2 ticks of a box in the community list of users.

    Case B: A lawfirm wants to share documents in a M&A activity via a service provided from a telco. They want to send documents to people in the transaction - but also want 100% control - and 100%certainto that these documents cannot be distributed outside this environment and read.

    Case C: There are many examples of organisations that have internal exploits of confidential documents and other valuable electronic assets - plenty of companies batteling with the increased cost of security. If a telecom could provide a service that would fix this problem - would that be of interest?

    Could be great to know - just out of curiosity.
    Niels E. Anqvist
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