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What I think about when I think about marketing in a recession

  • Here is something that has crossed my mind lately:  I know there’s a recession, but has anything changed for marketers?

    See, I’ve just spent the past hour or so in the company, via Podcast, of one of the world’s leading analyst houses, (a firm to whom, incidentally, I pay a great deal of money for a great deal of very good information about the market.)  This particular “engagement” wasn’t strategic or one I’d sought out but, rather, was simply an invitation to attend a free event that I thought might be of interest to me.  It was a Podcast about Ways to Position and Sell IT Services in Uncertain Times; in short, How to be a Successful Marketer 101 (in a Dodgy Macro-economic Climate).

    Guess what?  Among other things, I learned that I need to: Express value in terms of financial impact; Focus on cost optimization; Make it easy for clients to buy my services; Reduce implementation pain and impact; Make the market.

    I believe in the vernacular, the appropriate response to the above set of insights would be “no s*&@t, Sherlock.”  And you might think it'd be a good idea to do all of the above when there wasn’t a recession, too!  Or to put it another way, recessions don’t appear to change anything (for marketers.)  Instead, they just raise the bar in terms of how important following the basics really is if you want to get the job done. 

    Recessions throw mis-judgments more sharply into relief than ever; they don’t bring great marketers to the fore, but they can sure as hell expose bad ones.  Maxim: when the going gets tough, do more of what you already know works….put another way (here's a metaphor for Cato!)...recessions might be a good time for "up the jumper" rugby.


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  • Cato Rasmussen
    Cato Rasmussen Well Keith, I don't know much about rugby, hence don't get the metaphor.
    I may not know much about anything, just strong views. "a blind man in a dark room searching for a a black cat, that's not there" metaphorically speaking.

    but you do have a...  more
    15 November 2009