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‘Riding Big Wednesday’ – the age of business analytics

  • For those of you that have seen the movie ‘Big Wednesday’ you will know that it is an iconic 70’s coming of age movie centred on change and surfing large waves. Big Wednesday is the day when the biggest waves or sets come in.  For some time now there has been a growing swell around the area of analytics in the communications market and we are now seeing a wave of both vendor and service provider activity, as well as in the TM Forum, that is creating considerable excitement. So why is this?



    The communications industry has evolved and transformed at a great pace in the last 10 years and while network infrastructure, OSS and to some extent BSS has undergone and continues to go through transformation, the industry not only has a growing volume of enterprise data, but also more business processes which stretch across functions, business units and entire enterprises. Increasingly often relationships between the data and these business processes gets broken so it can be very difficult to visualise business performance across these processes and more importantly drive performance improvement strategy.


    The analytics opportunity across these business processes is to be able to visualise and trace performance across the entire process for a business function, for example, order accuracy for an SMB segment, using analytics to highlight where performance improvements are needed and at what stage of the business process. By understanding where the issues are and not just that there are issues, they can be resolved and clear strategies can be designed and measured from a business KPI perspective to drive customer experience enhancements such as reduce fraud, improve revenue and profitability, improve billing and order accuracy, reduce churn and provide the basis for launching new offerings based on predictive data patterns.

    This is a prize worth having and does not require costly and time consuming transformation. The key topic at this year’s Tele Management World was ‘Customer Experience Management’ and enhancing the service that customers get in order to differentiate and grow. The key to this is the power of knowledge, knowledge of how business processes perform and how they can be improved by achieving visualisation across the whole business process and then taking persistent action to build a high performance, new generation communications business. The opportunity is there for CSP’s to get on the front of the wave and ride it!

    Matt Hooper
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