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Transitioning past, present and future - playing customer exper

  • Transformation takes years, so CSPs need to find ways in which they can migrate customers in a staged approach to complement the introduction of new services as they emerge across both legacy and next gen systems. Done at the appropriate time, this means they will be able to manage customer, partner and stakeholder relationships in the most efficient way possible. New generation BSS will introduce a new approach to migration that is based on simplifying the current dependencies between system data, business processes and people . 


    New generation BSS will provide CSPs with a layer that sits over existing systems and, with provision for new services that will in turn provide a single view of each individual customer’s products and services, empower them to manage their services on their terms. A unified layer keeps an existing O/BSS asset base in place while unifying the back end data sources and business processes.


    It’s all about providing a single, unified approach that offers a single view of the customer and enhances the customer experience in a way that drives up customer satisfaction. Strategic transformation may have improved back office efficiency and optimised the cost base, but it hasn't enhanced customer satisfaction, which is where both risk and opportunity lies. 


    In the future, this flexibility will become more prevalent as new services are introduced that existing system assets will have to integrate with. In the next few years alone we can begin to see suppliers and partners emerging in cloud, healthcare, utilities, as well as the continuing and fragmented rise of digital content provision. New generation BSS is about making services and networks more unified and selling into market segments, such as business, with pace and agility, ensuring that through customer experience, customer satisfaction is grown. 


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  • Cato Rasmussen
    Cato Rasmussen Matt, If you start by migrating Customers you need to provide the migrated customers with product and services. If these reside on old product catalog you find you have not achieved much.

    In new OTT environments you may find that products need to b...  more
    5 March 2011