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New frontiers for BSS - new opportunities need a new approach

  • New frontiers for BSS - new opportunities need a new approach, but don't through the baby out with the bath water

    For the first in a long time we are starting to see a shift in focus towards new opportunities for business growth in the communications market. There does appear to be the green shoots of confidence that sectors such as enterprise and verticals such as Utilities, Heathcare and Financial Services are offering new 'smart pipe' growth opportunities for communications services around new industry eco-system and business models. The key question as always is how quickly can the industry move on this and what will be the appetite of CSPs to invest and launch enhanced or new propositions to target these sectors.
    In either instance we have to recognise in the industry that the BSS of today with it's deeply engrained billing and CRM infrastructure is not the business support layer that is going to enable this new level of business enablement for CSPs. The key here is to think outside the box and recognise that if a new BSS orchestration layer can be put in place that operators above underlying billing and CRM systems, an agile business support layer can be created that service a single and key purpose - 'Orchestration'. With new business models, partner eco-systems, cloud based offerings and overall greater degree of order to cash management, greater level of business process and process analytics will be required to create, manage and control these new world opportunities. The ability to leave an existing asset base in place to do this is also key, as the industry has seen enough costly and slow 'time to value' transformation over recent years, some of which has not succeeded.
    There are several industry commentators in the market that are now looking to highlight both the new industry models and opportunities that now present themselves and which require a '2.0' approach to BSS, a good example here is Karl Whitelock the research Director for O/BSS at Stratecast. The key is that we need to drive new standards of definition and practical implementation for this new generation of BSS orchestration layer and industry must not let a chance go by not to capitalise on key market segments such as the enterprise sector that offers good growth opportunities.
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