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Sprint EVO 4G, and My Favorite Feature

  • The Sprint EVO is the first ‘4G’ phone, and the phone has some spectacular features, including the latest Android OS, HDMI out port, and much more. You can read over the EVO features here.

    And the marketing team at Sprint is trying hard to tell the marketplace that there are numerous ‘firsts’ that people are experiencing with this new smartphone. Find that here.

    altBut, the feature I find most useful, and that stands it apart from the other smartphones, is that fact that it can act as an instant WiFi hotspot. Just sit it down and BAM, WiFi over 4G. Apparently, the Droid X coming out on Verizon will offer this as well. But, Sprint was first :)

    As it happens, the 4G service is provided by Clear, and they have got to be happy with this type of application. The more bandwidth that is consumed, the more money they make. I can imagine the smiles on theirs faces as they tally up the potential bandwidth consumption of multiple laptops/ipads hooked up to these mobile WiFi hotspots that will start dotting the urban landscapes.

    Now, if you can only find one… (the devices have been sold out since day 1, a compelling story that somehow was overshadowed by the arrival of another new smartphone)


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  • Tal Givoly
    Tal Givoly John, the only problem is that they do not make more money dependent on usage. All but one of the contract options are all-you-can-eat usage and most subscribers will take those packages.
    18 August 2010