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  • It’s all about SME

    Posted October 16 by Max Speur

    CSPs need to work fast if they are going to keep, let alone attract, the viable small and medium enterprises (SME) market. In my last blog I raised the issues facing telcos in this market sector and promised to offer some suggestions on how this can be achieved.   The first thing is to change...

  • OSS Evolution – Federated OSS

    Posted October 10 by Kent McNeil

    ”The CSP service evolution necessitates single central solutions that merge fragmented processes across various organizational entities, in order to automate and expedite end-to-end fulfillment and operational processes.”   – Gartner (OSS Magic Quadrant for OSS)   Thi...

  • When does a D beat a C?

    Posted October 9 by Dave Labuda

    In my last blog I touched on the need and trend for CSPs to become more like DSPs (Digital Service Providers) and be able to provide a much higher level of customer interaction at a much lower cost to serve. Here I would like to take a more detailed look at what it means to be a DSP and the emergin...

  • The ultimate mobile device?

    Posted October 1 by Ali Durmus

    According to AT&T’s SVP of emerging devices, Chris Penrose, “the car is the ultimate mobile device.” It shouldn’t be a surprise that such a statement would come out of the country that worships both cars and mobile phones, but is Penrose correct in his assumption and what iss...

  • Next generation is here, but are we listening to them?

    Posted September 29 by Nanda Kumar

    You surely know these words from Whitney Houston’s song, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way,” but how many of us actually take heed of this message? Whilst digitally-oriented corporations go on about how big data will help them profil...

  • Listen to the Customer, an idea from the past

    Posted September 25 by Cato Rasmussen

    At events, seminars and in media we are being tsunami(ed) by visionaries telling us we need to listen to the customers. We spend time and money on NPS (Net Promoter Score), Surveys etc.   This led me to think, when did I last get a survey from Google, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Alib...

  • The service provider kitchen is in a mess!

    Posted September 24 by Paul Vedam

    If you have read my previous blogs, you will have noticed that my world revolves around the service provider and customer service. The challenges faced by service providers in the context of customer experience are also firmly rooted in the history of their back office systems, but these systems are...

  • Why three is a crowd

    Posted September 19 by Rui Paiva

    When big communications and utility companies go after customers they most commonly takes a three-pronged attack hitting corporate accounts, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and consumers.   It would be foolish to generalize but, for the purposes of this blog, I need to.   The big ...

  • Is BSS virtually there?

    Posted September 8 by Ali Durmus

    We are being inundated with information and theories on how best to achieve virtualization within network operators, but without firm standards in place is it simply too risky to undertake?   Despite great strides being made, particularly by ETSI, to address the technical challenges around ne...

  • iPhone, iPad meet iBM

    Posted September 4 by Nanda Kumar

    If you have any doubts that the desktop computer is not going the way of the dodo then the recent announcement of IBM and Apple joining forces should all but confirm it.   IBM, the once undisputed king of hardware from mainframe to PC is now firmly entrenched in enterprise software, cloud ser...