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  • Hardware Encryption Market is Expected to Reach $296.4 Billion, Globally, By 2020

    The hard disk drives (HDD) segment is the highest revenue generating segment, constituting 57% of the total market revenue in 2014. The segment is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the analysis period. The segment of encrypted USB flash drives...  more
  • VoLTE Technology to be adopted by multiple network operators in 2016

    Good quality voice calls over Wi-Fi in areas prone to call drops and network issues to tackle the problem with the help of VoWi-Fi technology.
  • Vitality of cloud security for Telcos – Everything that you need to know on Telco Cloud

    If you’ve been aware of the recent news in the market, you should be aware of the fact that the Cloud Services market has always been a huge battlefield. According to forecasts and predictions from Forrester, the international market for cloud co...
  • Use of Big Data and rise of IoT is opening up new opportunities for operators

    At a time when telecom operators are embarking on a path towards digital transformation in order to evolve from providing just communication services to providing next generation digital services – use of big data and Internet of Things can open ...
  • Partnerships can significantly improve CSP value proposition in the digital economy landscape

    The explosion of the Internet era and the shift towards IP-based traffic has had the most profound impact on communications service providers (CSPs) operations. The rise of digital economy services has disrupted the business models of CSPs as they seek...
  • Can businesses really deliver true customer insight?

    The fight is real
    While every traditional business understands the need to get closer to its customers to increase retention and maintain a competitive edge, finding methods to do it quickly and cheaply is difficult. Just having decades worth of valua...
  • Monetising digital ecosystems to drive future profitability

    Its now hard to imagine life before we had computing power at our fingertips, instant access to information and truly global communications, but the changes brought about by the digital revolution are far from over. In fact, the digital world is about ...
  • Achieving customer satisfaction in converged world

    We constantly read about customer experience in the industry press and blogs. It has become the ‘holy grail’ all businesses strive to attain – yet few get close.
    Depending on what solution vendors offer and the ability of the busines...
  • The Dawn of the Digital Service Provider: Transforming from CSPs to DSPs

    Having transformed their networks, communications service providers now need to transform themselves
    High-speed broadband networks, coupled with high-performance computers, are proving to be a potent combination. As they become very fast and very resp...
  • Time for End-to-End Analytics

    New analytical tools will boost communications service providers’ performance
    In an increasingly data-driven economy, communications service providers are in an enviable position.
    Most people interact with their mobile operator dozens of times ...