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It's an MVNO revolution

  • Posted by Tony Poulos
  • August 2, 2012 11:33 AM BST

News that UK mobile operator, Everything Everywhere, can set up an MVNO in ten minutes must come as shock to anyone that has gone through the MVNO establishment experience. EE claims this possible using Atmovia’s MTNE platform that includes a self-service, branded portal for the virtual operators to roll out and manage their tariffs and services themselves.

EE is exercising a logical option in today’s ultra-competitive and almost saturated markets – by becoming an active wholesaler. It already has the likes of Virgin, IKEA, Talk Talk Business, Lycamobile and the mighty China Mobile as MVN customers and the experience must be proving a money-spinner as it chases down more similar business.
Contrary to the archaic belief that MVNOs threaten existing retail business they, in many cases, generate new business from niche market sectors often overlooked by the parent network. Sure, the margins are lower but it is revenue that, in most cases, would never be realized. These are also margins free of those crippling marketing and retail overheads and that can’t be bad.

  • Aarti Mehta
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    14 October 2016