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World IPv6 launch undersubscribed

Today is World IPv6 launch day - the official start of the switchover from IPv4 web addresses to a new standard that promises to extend the number of addresses available to cope with soaring demand.

 Despite the launch, which Ovum analysts have branded a "milestone" for the industry, only a handful of European telcos have said they are ready for the change. Telefonica, Orange and Swisscom are the only operators issuing compliance statements, leaving big name incumbents including BT, Deustche Telekom and Telecom Italia notable by their absence.

 Synergy Research Group has also just issued figures stating that just under 20% of the world's enterprise servers are IPv6 ready. North America is at the foot of the rankings on 12% preparedness, with Western Europe top on 28%.

 If IPv6 is such an important panacea, why aren't we being inundated with statements of readiness for the change?