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I just don't get mobile apps

I've been getting a lot of comments from friends about why I run a battered and incresingly difficult to use Sony Ericsson W800i rather than a smartphone.


The truth is, while I'm considering buying a new handset, I just don't see the need for me to have a smartphone. I've quizzed friends about what they like about their smart devices and the, almost, universal answer is apps.


I'm sorry, but I'm just not sold on that argument. I don't see how apps will improve my life in any way - at least in the majority of cases. There may be room in my life for mapping apps, but that said I've survived perfectly well without them so far, and one app doesn't a smartphone sell.


Maybe someone on here can tell me what I'm missing out on, but given I don't use social networks and don't have the need to constantly inform the world of every little development in my life (nor read their every thought), I suspect I'm going to be a pretty tough sell.