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A Different Kind of Telecom Conference

  • Posted by Amy Pacholuk
  • October 11, 2017 8:28 AM BST
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What if instead of startups pitching telcos, you turned that upside-down, and the telcos instead pitched entrepreneurs?


Telecom Council Carrier Connections

Most conferences are opportunities for big companies to give you their PR message, and there's a place for that. But what if, instead, the big Telco speakers told you about their innovation needs? What if they told you both the directions they want to move, but also what the gaps were in their technology roadmap, and told you how to best approach them to fill those gaps? What if they pitched YOU on why you should work with them? That's the nature of the Silicon Valley-to-Telecom conference that is the TC3 Summit. TC3 is Telecom Council Carrier Connections, connecting startups and innovators with the big network operators and telecom vendors worldwide. And while these companies are large organizations that take significant investment in Biz Dev before deals are made, they are also massive providers of scale to startups ready to hit the big time.


In making deals with telcos, three big hurdles innovators often have are:

  • determining whether their solutions are in demand by network operators;
  • identifying which network operators are the best targets;
  • understanding the best tactics to enter into discussions for each network operator.


These are the questions that TC3 asks of all the network operators who take the stage - over 30 global operators representing 3B subscribers across almost 100 markets. This information is immediately useful by vendors and innovators to focus their resources, hone their message, and engage with potential partners.


In advertising, it is said that "Half of your advertising spend is wasted…you just don't know which half."The same is true in Biz Dev, but if you are armed with the knowledge of the best targets, and the best tactics to engage, you'll reduce the waste portion, and strike deals faster, with fewer resources expended.


Converging on the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on 1-2 November 2017, some of the biggest fixed and wireless carriers will take to the stage to present testimonials on innovations they have deployed or taken to market to increase their capacity to serve their customers externally and constituents internally. This year, we will hear from Telefonica, T-Mobile, AT&T, China Mobile, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and Sprint to name but a few. 


This gathering is formatted as a unique two-day networking opportunity where Day 1 starts with a more normal flow of entrepreneurs pitching to investors and network operators. But Day 2 is primarily carriers pitching themselves as potential partners, revealing their technology roadmap and gaps, and helping startups understand how best to engage with them. Global Carriers will also highlight case studies of their successful partnerships with startups that have expanded their offerings.


To ensure useful engagements, TC3 also offers pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings, and limits attendance to 600 delegates. Why? These past delegates share the answer:


“The Telecom Council is an opportunity to develop personal relationships with the industry executives known internationally for their capacity to bring real change to some of the largest networks on earth—it’s simply not possible for an early-stage company like ours to get this kind of visibility or attention in any other venue.”

-Fred White, CEO, Laaser 911


What we appreciate most about any Telecom Council meeting is the care which goes into vetting startups for suitability prior to making introductions, and the ease with which we can validate work done with them by our peers at other service providers.  The cooperative, innovative spirit found in Silicon Valley is the reason for our presence here and for ourcontinued participation at Telecom Council events like the TC3 Summit.”

-Thomas Kicker, VP Group Business Development and Partnering in the US, Deutsche Telekom


The success of TC3 Summit is proof that even in this hyper-connected business climate there remains a fervent need for executives and entrepreneurs to put down the phone, meet in person, and simply talk face-to-face about what they need and what they offer.  The spirit of telecommunications has always been one of collaboration and connections from the very first phone call, “Mr. Watson. Come here—I need you!”

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