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Vitality of cloud security for Telcos – Everything that you need to know on Telco Cloud

If you’ve been aware of the recent news in the market, you should be aware of the fact that the Cloud Services market has always been a huge battlefield. According to forecasts and predictions from Forrester, the international market for cloud computing would grow $45.9 billion by 2015 and will reach more than $250 billion by the end of 2020. Increasingly large numbers of companies are entering into this market in order to get a share of the big piece of the cake. Cloud actually represents a noteworthy opportunity for Telcos and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their conventional voice revenue has been declining off late. Nevertheless, cloud services promised their customers a worthy and positive turnover.

With the current change in the world of computing these days, it’s tough to see something without having the reference of ‘the cloud’ which is nothing but an idea that sounds lofty but is actually pretty simple. If you’re a layman without the knowledge of what cloud computing is, it refers to the storage of programs or data online rather than locally on your hard drive. A large number of businesses and consumers are shifting to the cloud with regards to backing up their data. If you’re not aware of what Telco Cloud is, here are few facts for you to know.

  • Connectivity will differ according to region: Although most of the laymen thing about cloud storage as being something omnipotent and magical with superhuman powers, it’s nothing but the internet. Just as your wireless (Wi-fi) connection depends on where you are residing and the type of network that you’re using, this too shall depend on the same factors. In case you’re comparing and contrasting telecom providers, you should check the kind of infrastructure that they have in order to assure a reliable and strong connection. While some providers may be able to offer you a better connection at the place you live, some others might work better in rural locations.
  • You perhaps are already using cloud based services: Well, did you ever use Skype for chatting with your friends? If yes, then you’ve already used the cloud and you probably already have a basic understanding of how cloud system work. The telco cloud doesn’t only deal with securing commercial data but it also dedicates itself to allowing new ways of communicating efficiently. Hence VOIP programs like Skype use the cloud service to communicate from one device to another and it uses data packages from different traditional networks.
  • Cloud security works in a different way: One of the most talked-about concerns related to cloud computing storage is the security. Especially, when there are so many stories about leaked data, majority of the users are overly concerned about the level of security with regards to cloud storage. The recent data breach at Target caused personal information to be stolen for 110 million customers of the company. It is vital for you to note that cloud security works in such a manner that it opens up new avenues for the hackers to hack the system as it’s not a closed one. However, there is a constant evolution of the system to keep it safe and sound.
  • Telco Cloud can be adapted to network traffic: Telco Cloud is not only moving all things into a virtualized environment, it also deals with tackling applications so that the network can adjust to the required volume of traffic. With Telco Security by Nokia Networks, you can be sure that such types of applications are already included.
  • Businesses don’t have to change very soon: Are you someone who’s not convinced about the effectiveness of the cloud system? You might be thinking that if you operate a business, a transition to the cloud storage would mean an end to other forms of communication and storage. Still, it is possible to move a part of the IT load of a company into the cloud while keeping some back to local servers. You can adjust the amount as per requirement.

Architecture and cloud storage has become increasingly common, especially as telco companies take an attempt to network their services. There are various improvements in the field of security which made cloud computing a convenient option for both individuals and businesses.

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