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Etiya provides the MOST COMPLETE catalog-driven B/OSS offer in the market. Etiya is the ONLY VENDOR bridging rule-based systems and autonomous learning algorithm-driven applications. It incorporates powerful ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in its preintegrated products and customized solutions to help you transform your business, reduce costs, and delight your customers with in-context business insights and predictions. 

MYCOM OSI provides deep telecom expertise and solutions in areas fundamental to network and service quality, the primary contributor to customer experience, loyalty and churn.


Telecom Council

The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. We connect the companies who are building communication networks, with the people and ideas that are creating them.


As a leading provider of telecom software, solutions and services, ZTEsoft specializes in providing comprehensive BSS/OSS solutions to global operators of wireless, wireline and broadband cable services.

Siemens Convergence Creators GmbH provides turnkey solutions and services in the fields of communication networks, service and customer management, public safety and security, multimedia infotainment, as well as space technology.


Telsis partners with Network Operators to create services that allow them to target enterprise customers and to assist them transition to become digital service providers.



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